What’s New with The Thorpes?

     With the eclipse, many people were looking into the sky on August 21st. We hope you all were careful and got to see the phenomenon safely. This year didn't prove to be as good for viewing the Perseid metor shower. We did go to the LIttle Thompson Observatory in Berthoud on August 18th, which was quite interesting. They have 3 donated telescopes, one from NASA. We listened to their free monthly presentation, which varies each month, and then got to see Saturn and a double star through the telescopes. We will go back sometime to see deep into the night sky again. Their program is every 3rd Friday of each month at 7:30 p.m., except July, when they are under maintenance (and the days are long, so it would be really late at night before you could see anything). Parking is at the high school, on Spartan Ave. Bring a flashlight, and wear clothes to suit the current outside temperature, if you go.