What’s New with The Thorpes?
In an effort to improve a health issue, Brenda has done some research and benefited from sources that provide new and interesting recipes, friends, cookbooks, and the internet. She made yogurt for the first time, and it was a success! The second time was, as well, and as it turns out, it is not nearly the difficult process that it would seem to be! Making it at home and letting it work for 24 hours produces a yogurt with no more lactose in it, which is more digestible. It can then be separated into "Greek" style yogurt and whey for smoothies.

 Jace was able to take some time and rescue a cat from a basement window well in a new construction neighborhood. He had toured a new, but still vacant house, and saw the cat, and realized that it was unable to get out. So he knocked on some doors, and enlisted the help of some of the neighbors, and a young girl on a bike went over one street and found the lady she knew had lost a cat recently. The lady was delighted when she came and saw that it was her cat, that had been missing for over a week! It gratefully went into her arms and she happily took it home. The lady offered a reward, but Jace refused, saying that he was just glad that the cat got to go home safe, and gave the lady his business card. That was a lovely ending to the story, however, it continues. A week or so later, we ate at Daddy O's Green Onion in Loveland, where the lady and some of her family all work, and they recognized Jace, and gave him lunch on the house! We love happy endings!!